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The Dream Simulation experience is by far one of the most advanced and captivating simulators in the country.  Located just 40 minutes south east of Melbourne's CBD we bring you the latest in motor racing simulation immersion. 

The Dream Simulation is contained within a near anechoic climate controlled chamber. This, along with some of the most state of the art racing hardware technology installed on the Dream Simulation system, including a five-point racing harness, will make you feel completely immersed as if you are in the real thing. See full specs here.

The Dream simulator offers a complete six degrees of freedom (6DOF) experience with the entire simulator rig moving in unison, generating over 0.5g. All thanks to the CKAS Mechatronics 6DOF motion platform, every brake, steering and throttle application will be felt.

Not only are you able to experience the full forces of the motion and the feedback through the steering wheel, you will also be audio linked to professional racing driver Thomas Randle, who will be analysing your telemetry and data, whilst giving you precise feedback in real time on how to improve your performance on the track. After you have a run on the simulator you can then jump off, relax and sit down with Thomas to discuss how to improve your driving skills.

From driving a low powered sedan on local Australian circuits to tackling Formula One cars on some of the best tracks around the world, we have every option to suit your needs.

Take a look at the different packages available and book a session today!


Dream Simulation
Dream Simulation
Dream Simulation
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