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Honda CT110 Restoration

In year 9 (2011), I was involved in a school project called ‘Personal Best’ which allows you do or make pretty much anything. This gave me the opportunity to restore dad’s second hand postie bike which had been rusting in the backyard for 12 years.

I had to strip the bike down and all the components, source new parts, replace the ones beyond repair, and find places that would repair my old parts. After I received everything, I commenced sub assembly and assembled all the components that would end up on the bike. Once all my parts had been sub assembled, I started assembling these components onto the bike.  I am very happy with the end result. 


The Honda CT110 motorbike is one of the largest selling bikes in the world and has sold over 35000 bikes in Australia. (The highest selling bike in Australia) The Honda CT110 Motorbike was invented by the Honda Motorcycle Company in Japan in 1980. This bike is used by Australia Post and New Zealand Post to deliver mail. The engine is 105cc, air cooled, and only contains one cylinder.  These bikes have a four speed gearbox with a centrifugal clutch and a dual range sub transmission. (High or Low gear ratio) It weighs around 87kg and has a tank capacity of 5.5L. The Honda CT110 replaced Honda’s earlier model, the CT90. The Honda CT110s are best known for being reliable and easy to use.

Automatic Dog Feeder

In 2013, I designed and built and Automatic Dog Feeder. It was built for my Year 12 Systems Engineering final project. It is run via an Arduino  and can be controlled via the touch screen display or via an Iphone wirelessly. It allows the user to watch their pet eating the food live on their iphone locally and/or internationally. On the touch screen the user selects the weight of their dog and the time they want their dog to be fed. The correct amount of food will then be automatically dispensed at the chosen time. The user can manually feed their dog via a push of a button either on the screen or on their smart phone.

The dog feeder also contains an electronic solenoid so the owner can give their pet water in a separate bowl, which is again controlled via the screen or the smart phone. It also contains a reed switch for safety purposes.

The box is constructed out of acrylic plastic solely to be able to display the whole mechanism of the dog feeder. This project took me around 9 months to complete.

At the completion of the project, I submitted the dog feeder into 'Top Designs,' which showcases student works produced for the VCE. The very best projects in the state get chosen to be displayed at the Melbourne Museum. I was fortunate enough to have mine selected.

The dog feeder created a bit of media interest. It was featured on national television twice, on Channel Ten's TV shows 'Scope' and 'Totally Wild.' The dog feeder was shown in Melbourne newspaper the 'Herald Sun," I was interviewed on 3AW, and I also received a certificate for Outstanding Achievements by the Victorian Government. 


To check out the dog feeder on Channel Ten's 'Scope' click here.

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