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Goal kicking Richmond superstar Jack Riewoldt has turned to Thomas Randle and his Dream Simulator for his next sporting endeavour.

Riewoldt, the 31 year old dual Tiger premiership winner, is the biggest name signing for the Supercars All Stars Eseries Celebrity race.

And to help him prepare for the May 18 event, Riewoldt has turned to Randle to help get him up to speed.

“This is super cool to have an AFL superstar down here on the Dream Simulator to learn the ropes,” Randle said.

“You can tell from his first session with us what a competitive beast he is and how well he wants to go in this – he doesn’t want to embarrass himself, but he also wants to win the thing, which I like.”

Riewoldt has become a Supercars fan through a friendship with the sport’s biggest name, Scott McLaughlin.

Together the pair have a podcast, Balls and Bumpers.

And the dual Coleman medallist is an unabashed fan of Supercars, and is a regular attendee at races, most recently the Bathurst 1000 last year.

“When I heard about the celebrity race my immediate thought was how can I get in this field,” Riewoldt laughed.

“I love everything about the sport and I admire the drivers and the crews so much – and to have a few hours on the Dream Simulator with Thomas was an absolute thrill.”

Riewoldt was full of praise for the facility Thomas Randle and his father, Dean, have built at Dandenong to house their impressive simulator.

“I’m not lying, I deadest struggled to sleep after the session on the sim,” Riewoldt said.

“All I was thinking about was braking spots and gear changes, it was so much fun!”

“Poor old Tommy had booked me in for an hour – we didn’t leave until just before midnight about four hours later, I was hooked!”

Randle helped coach Riewoldt through his session – from braking markers, to gear changes, driving lines, and dealing with traffic.

“I was so impressed with his drive to want to get better, he asked so many questions, you could see on his face how hard he was working, it was great fun, and I’m pleased he enjoyed it,” Randle said.

“I pity the cricketers and rugby league players and surfers who have to come up against him in the race, he should be one of the favourites!”

The Tiger will compete in the celebrity race against the likes of former test cricketers Peter Siddle and Brad Hodge, ex-NRL legend Nathan Hindmarsh, veteran surfer Luke Egan, plus the voice of Supercars, Neil Crompton.

Riewoldt was happy to bait the legendary commentator and former racer.

“Surely Neil is too old to go sim racing, he’ll have to dust off the Atari to get set to race us!” Riewoldt said


“He might be best to stick to the commentary booth!”

Randle will act as Riewoldt’s assistant for the celebrity race where he’ll again use the Dream Simulator, which will be broadcast live on Fox Sports on Monday May 18.

To hire Thomas Randle’s simulator and have either he or Supercars veteran Lee Holdsworth help assist your session, bookings are being taken now at

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